To Be A We creates apparel that challenges hate, promotes equality, and celebrates our differences. 

To Be A We is an apparel company born in Ottawa, Canada, for individuals around the world to be able to speak their values through their style. We're inundated everyday with messages of hate, fear, and injustices, and they make it easier to feel distant and disconnected from one another.

To Be A We was created to put a few more messages that matter out in to the world through comfortable and classic fashion, to remind us that we're all part of something decidedly important: one complex, ever-changing human race. We stand for unity, equality, diversity and acceptance of all people  regardless of our differences  just like you do. 

To Be A We, we need to stand together. Stand with us.

We’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions, shoot us an email at hello@tobeawe.com anytime!

We want to see you! Tag #tobeawe or @tobeawe on Instagram wearing your To Be A We apparel for a chance to be featured.